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AI Roof issues
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The AI produces unexpected behaviour when placed on flat roofs.

This mainly involves falling off the roofs, but sometimes leads to other things like circling conga lines.


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Place AI squad on a flat roofed building. The hospital in Kavala is a good place to test. Setting the AI's altitude to 20 will put them on the roof.

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When familiar with ARMA AI could this technically be classed as "unexpected" behaviour? ;)

But being serious for a moment, it may be necessary to clarify if this is a random rooftop or one which is specifically accessible to units and AI. The former creates an unfair expectation and the latter is a real issue which I can imagine will never be fully resolved with how AI seems to work in this series.

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The rooftop is accessible via a helipad and a ladder, and so could be expected to have AI on it. I agree that this is unlikely to have anything done about it, however this might be an option for later patches.