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ArmA3 beta (Dev branch) Altis crash BE corrupt/desync
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Ok have updated ArmA3 in Dev branch for Altis. I'am experiencing desyning issues where players/ai walk in place an also the game crashes. A friend said that the servers says somthing to reflect issues with BE an corrupt files etc. {F21668} {F21669} {F21670} {F21671} {F21672}


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Unsure if this is related to the rpt error(-nologs) that was addressed in todays Dev branch. I did play an host last nite on my own pc for several hrs with no issues, but once running on the server all kinds of those issues start to appear. Will test an try more today.

Yup same thing today on server over 2 players within a min or so of joining they become inactive an appear to walk in place like server has become upresponsive. Saw 3 red chains also, ctds, steamkicks etc. Will try hostin off my pc an test again. it is also Domination being ran and i'm not 100% sure if it's maybe not the mission just hard to tell.

Uploaded todays server rpt w/dev branch on server from todays update.