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Advanced assault planning during a mission
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Need to be able to assign way point commands to AI team members. For example when trying to assault a base camp from two different directions. Divide the team into two or more teams. Have one team on command first toss in grenade and then assault in and go immediately to clear a designated building; in that sequence or order. Simultaneously the second team would assault in like manner from another direction and clear another building. You would need to be able to do this planning during the mission. So that once you reach the camp to be assaulted you can assign your teams go to the map mode and give the sequence of assault instructions to be executed on your "go" command. {F21623}


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Take a look on my ticket it's to sync the actions of AI

Would not work with the current pathing system. See my ticket about how to fix that: [^]

Using this in conjunction with the system in my ticket, this would be quite an amazing feature. It would be better to add it into a module rather than force all users to use it.


ps. If BI cannot do this, then it'll be done via scripting/modding.