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Team Switch into drown team member leaves game stuck and unable to exit
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I found that I was able to team switch into a unit that had died (drown) and that left the game stuck. I could still see what the drown team player saw, but couldn't escape back to the editor.


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Steps To Reproduce

In Editor:

  1. place player and playable rifleman near the ocean
  2. place an MH-9 hummingbird with almost no fuel nearby
  3. start the game
  4. switch into the rifleman
  5. board the helicopter and fly low over the ocean
  6. team switch back to the player on land
  7. helicopter runs out of fuel and crashes into the ocean, but the AI doesn't get out and drowns
  8. team switch into the drown rifleman

At this point you are stuck in his body, but cannot exit the game or return to the editor.

Additional Information

I stumbled upon this bug accidentally, and was able to reproduce it as above, I was not just trying to drown teammates ;-)

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