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If switching to your pistol from your primary rifle while reloading it just appears in your hands
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as the summary stated switching to your pistol while reloading your your primary rifle it just switches to the your pistol instantly. the only "rifle" that i found that douse not do that is both sniper rifles for opfor and bluefor.
people using the GM6 and the M320 pull back the bolt action with there pistol on their left hand already there when you reload their rifle and then while in the reloading animation switch to their pistol.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. reload the rifle
  2. while in the reload animation switch to your pistol
  3. the player will finish the reloading animation and his pistol will be in his hand and the rifle on his back with out any animation other than the rifle moving to your back.
Additional Information

the only rifle that i have tested that dont do that is sniper rifle for both bluefore and opfore which are the GM6 and the M320 in which case they pull back their bolt action with a pistol in their hand in which after their rifle (either the GM6 or the M320 will be on their back with out any animation and the animation for the pistol some what working)

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