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Independent motorized infantry teams too large
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The default motorized infantry teams of the green faction are too large to fit into the available vehicle, foiling their fast movement capability.
Their group sizes should be reduced by one each.


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Steps To Reproduce

In editor, place Group > Independent > AAF > Motorized Infantry > one of the teams.
Note that they won't all fit into the vehicle.

Additional Information

This mistake was probably made because the Strider has one cargo slot less than the other faction's vehicles because of the commander seat.

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Cause: Strider has a turret while the Irfit and Hunter used by the other factions don't have turrets. Therefore you get a group of 5 units not 4 as intended when using BIS_fnc_spawnGroup:

several functions are called with BIS_fnc_spawnGroup:

//Search through all turrets and spawn crew for these as well.<=== extra crew member spawned as it searches turrets

> BIS_fnc_returnVehicleTurrets;

_grpName = [(player modelToWorld [0,20,0]), resistance, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "Indep" >> "IND_F" >> "Motorized" >> "HAF_MotInf_GMGTeam")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;

Actual Behaviour - see config entry below:
unit0 "I_soldier_F" - Driver
unit0b "I_soldier_F" <======spawns extra unit in commander turret
unit1 "I_Soldier_TL_F" - on foot
unit2 "I_support_GMG_F" - on foot
unit3 "I_support_AMG_F" - ****no room in vehicle for this guy

Temporary fix - delete the extra soldier in the turret or the driver?:
_vehicleName = vehicle (leader _groupName);
_unitName = _vehicleName turretUnit [0]; moveOut _unitName; deleteVehicle _unitName;

Possible Solution:
So you need to delete the Team Leader from the cfgGroups entry to get the right number as there is already a commander in the vehicle?:

class CfgGroups {
class Indep {
name = "Independent";
class Motorized {
class HAF_MotInf_GMGTeam
name = "Motorized GMG Team";
side = 2;
faction = "IND_F";

class Unit0 {
side = 2;
vehicle = "I_MRAP_03_F";
rank = "SERGEANT";
position[] = {0,0,0};
class Unit1 { <============ Delete this entry so enough seats for team - the commander that spawns in the vehicle is assigned as group leader by default.
side = 2;

	 vehicle = "I_soldier_TL_F";

rank = "SERGEANT";

	 position[] = {5,0,0};

class Unit2 {
side = 2;

 	vehicle = "I_support_GMG_F";
	 rank = "CORPORAL";
 	position[] = {-5,-5,0};

class Unit3 {
side = 2;
vehicle = "I_support_AMG_F";
rank = "PRIVATE";
position[] = {5,-5,0};

You would need to do the same or check all Independent motorized classes that use the "I_MRAP_03_F" Strider:
"HAF_MotInf_Team" <=== OK 3 units
"HAF_MotInf_AT" <=== ! 4 units
"HAF_MotInf_AA" <=== ! 4 units
"OIA_MotInf_GMGTeam" <=== ! 4 units
"OIA_MotInf_MGTeam" <=== ! 4 units
"OIA_MotInf_MortTeam" <=== ! 4 units