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last man standing
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I request a new gamemode for description.ext
Last Man Standing (LMS or LM)

Currently there are a few missions listed as DM only because it fits the gamemode most but DM is something other!


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class Header
gameType = LMS;
minPlayers = 2;
maxPlayers = 24;

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LMS mode should have some kind of reward that the last man standing can win. This mode could be a lot of fun.

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The OP is not requesting someone to make a last-man-standing mission, as you seem to think.

Requesting rename of last man standing to campers paradise. Whoever camp longest wins!

Yeah, and we should also remove sniper rifles because they're OP.

well, by definition, 'last man standing' IS just a deathmatch with no respawn...

There is TDM and DM, so why not making a LMS?

@KillZone Kid:
Go troll someone other! Do not spam here!!! Get older, kid.

I do a Hunger Games framework atm which is LMS.

This is missionmakers task.

I'm not trolling, why do you think no one plays:

respawn = "NONE";
class Header

gameType = DM;
minPlayers = 2;
maxPlayers = 24;


^^^ last man standing

Like I posted above:
There is TDM and DM, so why not making a LMS?
differences of tdm and dm are minor so why not to make an additional minor changed gamemode?
That would not be much work but would describe the servers mission more precisely before the player joins.
Sometimes I like to play tdm, but when I feel to join tdm I mostly do never want to play lms.

This request is about only adding a new String to the gamebrowser that would increase the players gamesearch noticeable.

For example:

  • There are 1000 Servers online atm
  • 100 Servers are dm
  • you search for lms
  • 5 servers are lms

Result would be you join a server, notice it is not lms and leave. Join next server and so on and on...

@KillZone Kid:
My argument to request this is better timemanagement for the player.
What is your argument against this request? You do not want the missions as descriptive as possible?

Really nice timemanagement...
Why not deleting all gamemodes and
class Header

gameType = ArmA;
minPlayers = 0;
maxPlayers = 65000;