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Requested Soldier Models: Prosthetic Legs
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In an expansion could we get a couple of Special Forces operators who have a prosthetic right or left leg? Seems like more and more soldiers who have lost a leg are going back out into the field. Would be a nice tribute to these hardcore survivors.


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Not really sure that it will happen cause BIS doesn't want gore and there's no women yet. I agree but you said that soldiers who lost a leg return to combat? If it's that congratulation for them, and a good idea.

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Why would you NOT want this if this is what the battlefield of today and tomorrow will look like? Besides, B.I. has always been about teaching morals about war.

trolling much.

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Fu*k yeah, robots!

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Make some campagin character

Why people do you want to downvote this cause it's happen now in reality? Lots of people want realism and the game is in 2035. I didn't vote yet but I watch that nobody wants this... Plus the fact that there's a very little chance that BIS makes it, it's not fare! It's why an new OFP is neaded because there's no problem with futuristic things, and for me it was the better game largely better than A2 OA for his time, so imagine now... It can be really awesome, ye sometimes I'm sad to lost the conflict between Russia and USA, it was the best!

I didn't say anything about robots, did I?

Look at gutsnav's note.