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Add rivers inlets and a lake on Stratis
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As of right now the island is pretty bland and the use of water vehicles is very very limited as you can only go around the island and not into it at any point.
With the current terrain it would not be hard to implement and make a huge impact on game play. {F21603}


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Load Stratis and try to get anywhere on the island via water.

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I made a quick painting on ms paint (sorry for quality) to help show my vision to you.

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Agios Efstratios is a dry island, Altis is less so but still dry. The island is volcanic with steep hills.

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Could be nice but maps are already setted and will be no chances to redevelop the terrain and tested for the release.
Wait for future DLC or mods for that.
Nice point anyways.

Generally they try to keep the landmass realistic to the location in the world and engine. Altis/Lemnos does have a salt lagoon/lake which is filled with water half the time durring the year.

If you want more water to add to the sandbox:

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You just can't wait for Altis on Monday, can you? :P only 2 days.

No I can but is anyone really gonna play stratis after altis is released? Granted its based off a real location but it still needs a bit more than a few hills and a small town. This would add a lot of diverse game play. It doesn't need to be an exact replica.