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Ability to cache multiple orders for Ai to follow in sequence. Like a Que.
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Forgive me if this has already been suggested or already exists and I'm not familiar with it. BUT. When giving commands to AI it would be really nice if you could give them multiple orders that they would carry-out in sequence. Example: Have AI move to Next Waypoint, then Take cover then be AWARE or Scan North etc. etc. Give them the go command then they would follow all the requested orders. I'm sure there should be a limit to how many things they can do but I believe this would be a nice feature. A similar feature would be the ability to assign AI multiple waypoints when heading to a target or location. Ex: Waypoint 1 Waypoint 2 Waypoint 3 and so on. Again, Maybe this exits already but I have not figured it out. Thanks for your time.


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