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Add command for medics to heal all friendlies in close proximity
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Countless times have I found myself getting held up in the same place for a couple of minutes trying to order a medic to heal friendlies,having to see what unit is wounded,see where he is,run over to him select a medic point at the wounded AI and then finally order him to heat the wounded AI.This has gotten me ambushed and killed many times because I get stuck in the same place for too long or need to leave cover to run over to the wounded AI and go through the above steps just to get a medic to heal him,its an unnecessarily long and often infuriating posses.There needs to be a simple command that orders a selected AI to heal all friendlies within a small radius of the selected AI to speed up the proses.


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This is idiotic for so many reasons, not the least of which that this is a milsim.

Make a mod.

^That doesn't even make any sense,I shouldn't have to spent that long finding who is injured,selecting the medic and running around to get the command reticule past some other AI and keep it on the injured one and then select "treat x" and then need to select "treat X" again because someone crossed in front of me and reset the command menu just to tell a medic to heal someone and then get flanked by the enemy because of how long it takes babysitting the medic through the process of treating everyone.

Yes, that is clunky. However your magical healing aura solution is ridiculous.

When you have an AI medic selected you should be able to select "Triage" so that they automatically heal the most wounded friendly in the squad, and/or vicinity.

And by heal I mean walk over to them, and bandage.

I don't mean i want a magic healing field,I meant a command that orders a medic to walk over and heal all friendlies in a vicinity one by one.But yea,a "Triage" command is pretty much what I want

While I am not directly opposed to this, you can always Select Medic and press 6 to bring up his action menu. There you will get the option to heal wounded soldiers in his vicinity. Not exactly what you ask for, but should help you in the situation you described.