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Add light source that is enable to turn on/off inside the vehicle
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Vehicles do not have any light inside the vehicle. And it is strange that in the daytime, the passenger seat of APC, for example Panther is too bright, you can see anything. But in the nighttime, you can see moonlight inside the vehicle! it is very strange! The passenger side of the APC is sealed area, so there will be no lighting source to illuminate inside(for now).So there must be lighting source inside the vehicle to turn on/off. {F21536}


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1.Sealed area of the vehicle should be dark weather it is day or night unless there is space for lighting source to come in.

2.light source of the outside(moonlights etc..) should not penetrate the vehicle.

3.Add light that is able to turn on/off inside the vehicle.(Every car have light to turn on and off)

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