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Trees shouldn't have AA
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Touching leafs with the main rotor shouldn't blow up helicopters, or even damage them.


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You set the video to private.

I know. That was to prevent e-mails from going out until it was uploaded.

Ah okay..yikes that is bad, I could swear that in a previous beta the collision geo on the rotor was a bit closer to the center, so you could see the rotor infinitely cutting through a bit of tree branch but.

Small branches wouldn't be a problem for helicopter blades of that caliber, in fact you can see a UH-60 chop an equivielent to one of those whole trees (of course the blade is screwed but that demonstrates the power of these oversized fans)

And of course there is that problem of the main rotor blades causing an explosion in the first place...The heli's could probably trim those trees up to the trunk without much rotor damage.

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The blades would trim the branches but not the actual tree itself. So there should be small possibilities to just touch trees and that just damage blades so your flight capabilities are lowered. Even touching those branches cause helicopter to explode and everyone die.