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No bearings for gunner(s) and commander(s) of vehicles
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With friend we were playing around with AMV-7 Marshall, he as gunner and me as commander. We ran into huge problem when it came to operating that damn thing. We had no any bearing indicators and I had no idea where hull was facing at any given time or where turret was aiming. Pulling out compass from my pocket didn't work while in vehicles, literally I had to jump out of AMV in order to use compass.

When spotting targets for my friend I first had to seek them out with commanders 1st Person thermals, then jump out into 3rd Person view and start yelling "Left! More left! Stop! Up! Not that much, down!" as I guided hes aim and fire. This also made commanding driver interesting as I had to use 3rd Person to check on orientation of hull. I really don't want those RPG's to back or sides.

Then I jumped into IFV-8c Panther. I was shocked. Even driver gets compass bearings combined with visual indicator of where he sees currently and hull orientation. Commander gets bearings, own view indicator and indicators for where gunner is looking at. Gunner gets all that candy also.

Why there is such huge inconsistency between vehicles? Getting that information that e.g. Panther's commander and gunner is getting is essential for effective, fast and safe operations of such vehicles like Panther and AMV-7.

I hope that you, developers, would add such tools that Panther has to all vehicles with commander and/or gunner positions because otherwise operating such vehicles will be painful experience.

Here is small gallery to show this difference between different vehicles:


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. In editor spawn all vehicles that have gunner and/or commander position
  2. Hop into said position(s)
  3. Watch as you can't tell bearing (e.g. compass reading) or where turret is pointed at
  4. Yell to mic "Left! More left! Not that much! To right now!" as you try direct fire

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This is a big problem, I too hope this is on the list of stuff to sort before launch.

Closed as this is a duplicate.