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[Feature Request] Smoke charges
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Basically a smoke grenade that sticks to the surface of vehicles. Would be very useful for blinding drivers, forcing them to exit. They would have to be placed like C4 as to not make it too easy. Maybe they could be detonated so you could sabotage helicopters and make them crash by disorienting the pilot.


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It is a realistic technic used in the armies?

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Or you could just put an explosive charge and blow the vehicle up?

@plutoto74 - I don't think its used, but it is technically possible. ArmA 3 does take place in the near future, so its not out of the question entirely.

@AD2001 - The smoke charges would be used if you didn't want to make a big scene with you as the immediate suspect. You could wait for the helicopter to gain altitude before setting off the charges to buy some time before they realize they were attacked. Or, with other vehicles, maybe you want the vehicle in working order to use for yourself.