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Module "Live Feed - Init" does not draw PiP with certain player interactions with vehicles
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PiP does not draw itself when player is the operator to certain vehicles/vehicle positions.

"Gunner" and "Driver" positions for all "Armored" vehicles fail to draw PiP, but "Commander" positions do. The inverse appears to be true for cars, as "Driver" positions for cars fail to draw PiP, but "Gunner" positions do. The Strider and Hunter display unique PiP behavior, further detailed in the "Additional Information" section.



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I set up live feed modules with an init, source, and target. All characters were of the same faction, with the small UAV as the source, and a single rifleman as the target.

Have player as the init, and cycle through various vehicles with the player in various positions, and observe the behaviors of the PiP. For the sake of the experiment remember to change the character's factions, as to prevent any possible errors.

Additional Information

Note that I have observed that the "Gunner" position for the Hunter has a discrepancy for PiP, as at times it will provide the "live feed" to the computer monitor in front of the character, leaving a black screen on what is assumed to be the HUD eyepiece. Other times, it will black out the Hunter's computer monitor, and will display (what is supposed to be) the monitor's feed in the HUD window, or at times will simply show the "frame". The exact same behavior occurs when the player occupies the "Commander" position of the Strider as well.

Picture provided displaying an example of this behavior.

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