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Throw Explosives
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mil grade explosives are very stable and shock resistant.

add to game to throw them like grenades.

sticky satchels etc would also be great.


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what a retarded argument. you think in WW2 guys werent throwing satchel charges all over the place?

so basically, your argument is that because its in another video game it shouldnt be in arma.

dude. go to university.

military explosives are specially designed to include stabilizers in order to allow them to withstand shock. there is a huge industry around this and large funding for people studying this science.

its ridiculous that you can sit 12m from a main road intersection where you know a tank/convoy will pass yet you cant toss a 4kg weight 12m. a small child can do this.

My what a heated response, you misunderstood the whole demonstration of the videos, to highlight how PLAYERS would use it.

When considering gameplay options you need to think of how players will react to it, and how they might abuse it.

yeah my response is heated because you are wasting my time with a halfwit argument

you are arguing against an ingame implementation of a realistic method of employment of an established military equipment in a realistic military simulator

arma is not about making it nice for you to play. i like infantry gameplay. i play multiplayer servers and get deep in infantry combat. then i get sniped from 700m away by some dick. you think i like that? no. but i dont argue against having it in game because it is a realistic aspect of modern war, which is unfair and highly asymetrical.

when you say you must consider "how PLAYERS would use it" in game you are also advocating balancing through selection of features/equipment, which is contrary to the whole concept of arma and shows a basic misunderstanding of the term "simulator."

balancing occurs ingame through terrain, strategy, tactics, etc. not by removing certain real life aspects of war because they appear inconvenient to NodOod. after all the "balancing" is done, someone has the high ground, and someone has the sun in their eyes. what i am saying is there is no balancing.

the point is not to create a fun game. VBS and ARMA are simulators which inherently strive to include as many aspects of real life war as possible. by definition, a simulator aims to recreate as many aspects of the real life activity as possible.

think before you write things on my tickets please

or at least pretend to

You know you can be civil in a discussion, I've not said a single insulting thing to you and yet you include several.

For one, I love realism. I join in discussions pertaining to what the TKOH flight model can bring to a game, how infantry armor types could in junction with mobility could vary the game greatly in terms of how players deal with certain situations and so on.

I used the wrong example in the videos I admit that, it's not so much the throwing of explosives that I'm against as much as the sticky..and in particular vehicles, reason for that is this

That is exactly what will happen online if people can just toss sticky explosives onto whatever they want. Not to mention light vehicles will just become "jihad jeeps".

Current c4 placing in Arma3 will always put it on the ground next to your feet. It this how military place it in reality? No for the sticky but yes for ability to place it where you point.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 4:10 PM

In reality Military Explosives is a very exact science. The problem comes that in a came like this, you cannot Tamp, shape, time or sequence explosives. For example you don't bring down a Bridge with a Satchel Charge, you don't rig a house for demolition with a Satchel Charge, although you can blow one to bits with one! Satchel Charges are for sticking in Fortifications and Blowing them / killing everyone inside with an Over-pressurewave.

I would love to see some real Physics for Explosives but it's far to complex to accurately model.

Military Engineers, EOD and others do not throw explosive around, they carefully and deliberately place them. C4 might be stable, but the Detonators that initiate the C4 is not, you chuck a C4 block down with a Detonator in it into the ground and it lands funny, you can initiate it (as it is a primary explosive) and this will high order the C4. Net result you are "pink misted" over a large geographic area.

So no military engineer will argue that C4 isn't stable, it can be thrown around - Ask them if they would do it with a Detonator in it...

There is no problem which cannot be solved by a suitable application of
high explosives.

  • William W. Hughes