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HMG on vehicles
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I know you guys are going for balance over realism in arma 3(huge disappointment by the way) But what you did to the 50cal on the trucks is just illogical. All for the sake of "balance" which you shouldn't be worrying about to begin with, this isn't battlefield and stop giving into the pressure of the mainstream kids.

The rounds come out of the gun and you can physically see them fly off course, it's way to drastic(they go everywhere except where you aim). It looks like you're shooting a low grade paintball gun at people, please fix this and focus on realism over "balance" I don't why you thought this was a good change to begin with, they where fine the way they where before. Instead of focusing on balance, you should make a arcade mode for all those douchebags to play. Or my personal favorite, tell them to fuck off and if they don't like it then don't play it.


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It seems your game is broken then, I can land very accurate hits over a km with any HMG.