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Helis can't blow up by AA rockets.
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Firing AA rockets at a helicopter will make them crash, however, they don't explode until they hit the ground. (And sometimes they still remain intact)
I understand that one hit in the tail rotor might not make the whole heli explode, but as of right now, a heli can take 10+ direct hits from rockets before it blows up.


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Spawn a flying heli, spawn loads of AA specialist from the opposite faction, watch them unload their rockets, and watch as the heli falls to the ground, intact.

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IRL a heli isn't going to explode unless you rupture its fuel. Aircraft don't generally blow up, they just become disabled, even in cases of a nasty crash.

(Though in cases of a missile hit the surrounding area will be horribly charred)

Unless a fire starts within it's not likely the bird is going to burn up, most of the time components will be severed IE tail breaks but really all that needs to happen is the bird is disabled and cannot be repaired.

The less exploding vehicles the better.