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Alternative to steam workshop using Armaholic
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This would be completely optional to allow this for anything posted on Armaholic.
For various reasons people do not want the content they have created to go through steam workshop (SWS), so I propose we have an alternative using Armaholic for user content to avoid going through steam for those who wish to use it.


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So, you want workshop functionality (downloading in-game, automatically receiving updates etc.) on Armaholic?

Yea, or a similar site. For if people don't want to use steam or when steams servers are down.

I don't know why someone would use Armaholic if workshop works in the exact same way.
/upvoted, anyway

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I dont think AH is able to do that. And BI has properly their reasons for not doing their own ressources exange system. It would need a totally different system of distribution and upload.

cant be done, armaholic is JUST a webpage, unless they do a Six-armaholic-steamworkshop combo its not possible