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Runway numbers are wrong
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The Stratis air base runway 20/02. This means the runway should be on a true compass bearing of 200 for southbound and 020 for north. Currently the runway is off by 5 degrees. This is a huge problem and will only get worse when more fixed wing aircraft are released.

Runway numbers are not arbitrary things. They tell pilots the course to fly to land their aircraft. Please fix this.


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Option 1. (greyhawk)
Spawn greyhawk at south end of runway 02 facing north.
Take control of the turret and switch to 3rd person.
Give it a waypoint and watch it depart on a 015 heading.
Take direct control of the greyhawk looking through pilot camera and immediately switch on landing autopilot.

Observe the aircraft land on runway 02 on a heading of 015 every time.

Option 2. range finder or laser designator.

Go prone on the center line stripe and observe the actual compass heading when looking down the stripe facing south down runway 20 you will see 195. When facing north along runway 02 you will see 015.

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\\\ side note \\\

Greyhawk in autopilot lands well short of the touchdown zone. (it lands on the threshold) If this is indicative of future fixed wing behavior resolving this now could save work in the future.

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Look at my Ticket

Looks as though this is the cause of the problem.
The path of the UAV on runway is exactly 20 ° after landing and will cross the green field.

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in Real life it is the same thing.

Example :

RWY 03 -> QFU 025
RWY 21 -> QFU 205

RWY 20 don't mean it is heading 200 !!!! But it mean it is HDG 195 or 196 or 197 or 198 or 199 or 200 or 201 or 202 or 203 or 204.

It varies in the real world based on magnetic north changing slightly over time. My point is this is a virtual environment. We have the option of true markings. So why not do it?

There isn't anything wrong with the runway number to fix. If the runway headings are 195 and 15 degrees, then the runway numbers should be 20 and 2 respectively.

@sarlac : Because the north of the island is the real and it don't allow to have a runway with HDG 200.

And in the reality runway 20 for HDG 195 and RWY 02 for HDG 015 is what happen. It makes the game more realistic. This is not what everybody want ?

I understand what you are saying. What I am saying is this is a virtual environment. It is possible to have the runway on the actual heading of 200 instead of 195. Why would you not want that?

Fun fact: The runway used to be 26. 26/02 actually. Which makes a very curvy runway, lol.

@MulleDK19 : it is true ! i agree to change this fail !

But i still not agree to have RWY 20 with HDG 200 ! If we want perfect world uninstall ARMA. I mean if you want perfect HDG you will want perfect line of bullet ? ( not curved ) No wind effect on bullet ? etc ...

So i agree to change bog, or fail , but i can't understand to want a perfect world, it will make the game with a bad feeling if everything is perfect.

I understand what you are saying. What I am saying is this is a virtual environment. It is possible to have the runway on the actual heading of 200 instead of 195. Why would you not want that?

Because having imperfect stuff is pretty much realistic? :P Besides, I bet it's the same on the real island.

Yes , imperfect stuff make the game much realistic. You should check with a software the real Heading of the runway ! If it is really 200, so i vote YES to change the runway and the heading value :)

already fixed, and it should be according real life standarts.