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Hide all group Icons on Elite
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I think it would be really nice to get rid of all icons when playing on Elite. There should be an option to hide the bar showing all members in your group and also the 3d marker of your groupleader while you yourself are in a vehicle should disapear. {F21507}


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I would like to see more icon options. For example, instead of the Hexagon, how about an option for "dots". Yes, the Hexagon icons are helpful, but sometimes they are too big, and destroy a good screenshot or video opportunity.

Speaking of screenshot and video opportunity. How about a toggle key to enable/disable the icons temporarily? That way, I could quickly disable the icons for a screenshot or video clip, and then re-enable the icons when I need the info back regarding my teammates.

Another icon option: When your teammates are close, the icons show. When your teammates get too far away, the icons disappear.

Or the reverse of that last suggestion: When your teammates are far away, the icons show up. When your teammates get close, the icons disappear.

I can think of various situations where all these options would come in handy for allowing you to play well with your team, while still recording some good action (with FRAPS), or get good screenshots.