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Helicopter destroyed in mid air crash with Dart UAV
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Flying an MH-9 or AH-9 helicopter following a Dart UAV flying towards a preset destination, I managed to caught up with it and collide with it.
As soon as the drone hit my rotor blades, my helicopter exploded in an instant and pilot killed. The drone was completely unharmed.
This is unexpected behaviour. Although the drone probably is heavy enough to cause some damage to the rotor blades, it should not blow it up, rather it should only damage the blades (most likely just one of them, so max 25% damage), allowing for a controlled landing. Also the drone should be hurt more by the collision.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start editor
  2. Place UAV Operator as player and empty MH-9 or AH-9 or any other helicopter.
  3. Deploy the drone and give it a waypoint via the UAV terminal.
  4. Get to da choppa and start following the drone.
  5. Collide with the drone so the rotor blades are in contact with the drone.
  6. Observe spectacular explosion and death of helicopter and pilot.
  7. Observe no harm to the drone.
Additional Information

Drones should not be an infinite reusable helicopter destruction weapon.

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