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Rangefinder lens cap should be removed...
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Right now the rangefinder has it's viewing lens capped off but you're still able to view through it. Suggest remodeling it to have the lens cap removed. {F21502}


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grab a rangefinder and hit B and look at the place where you put your eye and see how its capped off.

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The eye cup on many NV and Thermal imaging devices are like that, it works as a sort of rubber 'sphincter' to stop light escaping from the eyepiece when the user isn't looking through the optics.

They have a special design where if you push your eye against the rubber cup, those four triangular flaps open, allowing you to see the eyepiece behind the rubber flaps. When you pull your eye back out of the eye cup, the flaps close again. See the gif below:

Reason that you don't want light from the eyepiece escaping is that it allows enemies to spot you in the darkness.

Ah ok, that had appeared to me as some sort of screw for the lens cap that I was thinking was there. Thanks for the info.