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Cargo box and fuel tank editor items don't kill people when dropped from great heights
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Simply, I was bored with editor, so I decided to try to drop things on my head. First at 7.5, 10m, I dropped a fuel tank on my head. Surprisingly, I was barely injured. Then I wanted to up the ante with a crate box, the small cubic crate. I then put it at 100, and all it did was go right through me, and I was inside the crate, wounded again. At 1000m, the crate ragdolled me like sometimes when you get ranover, I still survived, and the crate actually bounced off once I got back on my feet. {F21499} {F21500}


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce

1: Place your infantry unit at ground level.
2: Place a crate box or similarly small object over the infantry unit at just about any height.
3: Preview, and see the effects.

Additional Information

Tested with ATV and NATO Recon Scout as the victim.

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Also, apparently the same goes for the vehicles dropped on you if you heal before you are killed by the fire.