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UGV's should be more "Autonomous," should be allowed to work in groups
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The player cannot place a UAV or UGV into a group, in a manner similar to how mechanized/motorized groups behave.

I am aware that this is because an Autonomous vehicle behaves explicitly on the operator's command. This is a problem, as it prevents the player from scripting activities like a UGV patrolling with a fire team, as if it were a member. Instead one has to place a second group of waypoints solely for the UAV/UGV, and sync each waypoint together.

EDIT: In the mission editor, pre-made groups now exist concerning autonomous vehicles. However, one cannot manually "F2" and drag a unit to explicitly state a certain group relationship between characters.


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Place a group in the editor, any group will do. Place a UGV/UAV on the map, and try to include it into the same group.

Please note how the link will not occur.

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It a very good point you make. However you need to put a 'Severity' & 'Priority' both of which are pretty high for this issue else it will be e very long time before BI look at it.

And while we are on the subject... it seems that the AI versions and Empty versions of all the autonomous of the same vehicle have the same class name ... so the question is what class name do you use to spawn an autonomous vehicle from a script... you cant just spawn an empty vehicle, and then spawn an AI moveinDriver as you can for non autonomous vehicles.

After looking a bit deeper all BI have to do is add the 'Join' in the TYPE option of the waypoint you create. See "Join" here

How exactly does one change the severity and priority? I thought that was reserved for developers and moderators....

You will have to create a new report issue..... and delete this one.