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Gun is reloaded after droping emptyed before drop
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When you're empty on your rifle and drop it, it then puts full ammo back in with out a reload,


        shoots 30 rounds out :  drops firearm    : picks back up : the firearm is back to 30 rounds with out it being reloaded.

This means that someone can pick up a empty firearm and right away start shooting with out having to rearm the firearm.


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make it so when a firearm is dropped empty the next player to pick it up (or same player) has to reload the gun before being able to fire.

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Also, when you remove a mag from the weapon and drop the empty weapon on the ground, the weapon magically gets a new full mag out of nowhere. Repeat this a few times and you have a whole lot of full mags again.

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I smell engine limitation here... let's see if it gets fixed.