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ULB/UAV -> Give Vehicle Commanders such as MBT/IFV ability to command UAV/ULBs
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Modern Combat Vehicles have battlespace management systems, and this could be simulated by allowing them to tie into ULB/UAVs. Vehicle commanders should be able to, just like an UAV controller, plug into any Autonomous Vic and then have its recon data fed back into their squad.

This way, even the AI could make use of these assets: give them a simple routine to have a UAV zig-zag ahead to the next waypoint, and only after that drive to it. Similarly, use ULBs to support friendly vehicles.


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This would be super cool and awesome and you know you want it too!

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I agree, this would be a simple feature, just add the UAV terminal action functionality to vehicle commanders, it's definitely realistic. (Net-centric systems are one of the most important things for situational awareness in modern vehicles.)

Also, I've made a ticket about functionality to assign drones to follow vehicles and units like you've suggested: