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Hinge object for lifting and towing scripts
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As shown in this video: the creator of the script had to go through a lengthy way to simulate a hinge to create a realistic towing script. With a new/modified scripting commands and/or a "hinge" object people could easily create/ simulate a rope/hinge for lifting and towing objects, vehicles and players.


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I wonder what the CRVs are going to use.

This is a must :D

Creating a part of the system, such as your example above will open the possibilities for it to be used elsewhere.

We just need a physical rope with basic Physx properties, such as the rope coiled and uncoiling when it is being pulled etc.

Can make stringy rope (like the Bungee Jumping rope) just by changing it's properties. Make solid rope actually a bar, but it does not bend in any way. It's limits are only what it is connected to, such as a bearing or rotational joints for example.


If we look at the new customization options for Truesky, you can see that there are some many properties to change and look at.

Can we maybe at least have the ability to change/create PhysX properties of a single object?

Like I mentioned in my previous post, we can do so much.

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