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PCML Always locks onto Rabbits for me
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PCML Always locks onto Rabbits for me {F21482}


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Take a PCML and hope a rabbit is not in the way of what your shooting

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Yeah, and for me the HMGs and GMGs lock onto people, rabbits and snakes.

Sometimes Rabbits are extremely dangerous.
I m currently hosting a rabbit for a friend who is on vacations..and the damn thing got eat the cable of my keyboard in a split of a second.
Under those circumstances..i would have Down-vote the issue..but..
upvoted :)

Yea, dem rabbits are worse than zombies and terrorists combined.

Are you using the vanilla game or with mods?

I've had the same issue with the PCML locking on to people, that is on the standard vanilla beta build.

I logged a similar job some time ago about locking onto rabbits while in a helicopter. It was closed with the indication that it wasn't a bug, so I assume you're supposed to be able to lock onto rabbits...