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Please change how the Greyhawk fires
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So far I enjoy the UAvs and how smooth they and how I can take control of them via multiple methods.

However, I greatly dislike how the Greyhawk cannot use its laser and hellfires in tandem via the turret. A more realistic method of handeling this, would to be to set up the Greyhawk on a flight path via waypoint, and then use the turret to both laser the target, and launch the hellfire while lazed. In real life, Predators are more famous for taking out groups of infantry as opposed to vehicles. So with out being able to use the Laser and lock and launch my laser guided munitions while lased, it basically defeats one of the huge benefits of the UAVs. Basically in order to do what I wanted, I had to have one quad copter UAV hover and mark, while my Greyhawk targets that laser and then launch. That is highly inefficient and unrealistic and unfun. Can we please make it possible to lock and launch the missiles from the turret? I can manual fire the laser form the pilot seat of the UAV, but I cant really move it around very well, and I basically have to dive bomb the target.


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