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Ability to "pre-plan" Autonomous vehicle path and waypoints
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This ticket is for the ability to set waypoints and actions for unmanned vehicles in advance and tell them when to complete these actions and waypoints.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

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Did they add UAV's yet????????

They are on the development branch currently.

In theory what I want to be able too do is setup a bunch of waypoints like take off, fly to target, kill target, fly to next target then to the next from specific angles and areas but have the UAV or UVG not preform these actions untill I tell I tell it too. I could then seek in and kill a target then escape when the Unammned vehicle attacks the preprogrammed location I know and can avoid while seeking away.

To acomplish this feature/ability you could create a On/Off switch for the Unmanned vehicle and by turning it on it would start moving.

Or you could have a "wait" option that makes it wait until the operator makes it not wait anymore.

I would have made a separate thread but discussing on yours would be easier.

Messing around with the UAV today I found that there are some controls that could easily be implemented into the UAV's. Such as with the AR-2 Darter, if there was a "Return Home" command within the UAV console, it would make using infantry in combat as well as retrieving the UAV much easier. Having to fly the Darter back to its owner when there are other things going on make everything much more difficult. Even with real world drones this is a capability that has been implemented.

For the UGV and the Greyhawk, having a hold fire command system would be effective, this is possible with squad mates, why cant I tell the UAV's to hold fire before eliminating everything?

Hold fire already exists for Unmanned vehicles.

See, this is why its good I didnt create another ticket. Will have to learn how to control that. IS there a control for setting Idle altitude for the Greyhawk or the Darter?

Right click when in the UAV terminal screen with the two camera views! Altitude and hold fire are there.

Not for me, Right clicked and nothing is available.

You have to right-click on the position of the waypoint you set, at the end of the arrow.