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We need refined control of stance adjustments (here: especially for sidestep).
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In short:
We need key bindings for sidestep right/ sidestep left without a stance key.
Sidestep is as important as lean and should not be discriminated by stance adjustment-system.
Adjustment upwards and downwards should be controlled by scrollwheel and free adjustment key.

In long:
During alpha and beta phase the stance adjustments - well, more precisely: the stance animations - have been improved continuously. For sure, there is still some work to do. But it becomes more and more clear, that we need another access to the stance animations.

At the moment, we have an electable adjust-stance-key, here it is "Ctrl". Vertical stance adjustment is done by Ctrl+W and Ctrl+S, horizontal adjustment is done by Ctrl+A and Ctrl+D. Additionally we can lean sideways with E and Q (either for short or for "toggle").

The problems with this system explained by example:
You are in stationary position, taking cover behind a houses edge with sidestep right - all is fine.
You want to change your position rapidly. You move (or sprint) 5 or 10 meters to the other location.
At your destination you have to adjust your stance to sidestep left.
As you were moving, you could already see that you will have to (or want to) change your stance. Unfortunately you couldn't adjust your stance on the move.

Second problem correlating to stance adjustment:
I personally use (precisely: would like to use) "sidestep right" more often then "lean right".
I use lean options only in toggle on/off mode.
Now imagine: If you sidestep right (Ctrl+D) and lean right stationary (E) - all is fine.
If you have to change your position and thereafter your stance, you get extremely in trouble, because you have to use stance-key (Ctrl), direction-key (A), and lean-key (E or Q).

Case 1

To get from lean right (pushed E) to normal stance, you have to press E (same key, same direction).
To get from sidestep right (pushed Ctrl+D) to normal stance, you have to press Ctrl+A (opposite direction).

Case 2

To get from lean right (pushed E) to lean left, you have to press Q (opposite direction).
To get from sidestep right (pushed Ctrl+D) to sidestep left, you have to press Ctrl+A plus Ctrl+A (opposite direction times two).

Case 3

To get from [sidestep right, lean right] to [sidestep left, no lean], you have to press E (same direction) and Ctrl+A plus Ctrl+A (2x opposite direction).

The stance adjustment is a big improvement. Unfortunately the body control is contrarotating and the stance key prevents from adjustments on the move.

What we need is to access to sidestep right/ sidestep left without a stance key. Additionally the vertical stance adjustment cannot be done on the move, too. Therefore the vertical adjustment should be handled by scrollwheel+"adjustment key".

Thanks for your attention.


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W4RH4WK added a subscriber: W4RH4WK.May 7 2016, 4:06 PM

i hope they add at least the ability to change stance up / down with the mouse wheel.

B00tsy added a subscriber: B00tsy.May 7 2016, 4:06 PM

One word, scrollwheel.

Take a look at my ticket, it's about the multiple use of the scroll wheel and I'm talking about the changing stances

I support your idea completely. Nonetheless, here it's about the "sideways stance adjustment" primarily.

I read with attention, so what's your idea? Sure that this stance adjustment is a big problem when moving. If there's too much keys it's can be worth. Do you have keys in mind? I know that we can set it in key-mapping if it's happen but by default?

Personally, I prefer this key binding:
E - Toggle sidestep right
2xE - Toggle lean right

Key bindings can be customized, example:
E - temporarily lean right
2xE - toggle lean right
Ctrl+D - toggle sidestep right
(Be aware: TOGGLE sidestep right means, you can switch your sidestep on and off. At the moment, you can only switch it on and have to 'sidestep left' to switch it off.)

For vertical stance adjustment, I prefer:
Ctrl+Scroll wheel up - stance up
Ctrl+Scroll whell down - stance down
(... as it is in your ticket, plutoto.)

Not exactly, for vertical stance adjustment I prefer without Ctrl, because for movement it's better without another key in combination with the scroll wheel, it's why in my ticket I give the issue on the differents actions ( menu link with the scroll wheel ).
Sorry because English is not my born language, sidestep is to move on the side actually Q ( A ) and D, what's toggle sidestep? I think that's your ticket is like mine for a better gameplay / control.

The difference between the 'actual sidestep' and 'toggle sidestep' is explained in description above. Here in short again.
At the moment:
Ctrl+D leads to sidestep right... and after that
Ctrl+A leads to normal stance.
(Compare this to 'lean':
2xE leads to lean right... and after that
// 2xE leads to normal stance.)

Toggle behaviour would be:
Ctrl+D leads to sidestep right... and after that
Ctrl+D leads to normal stance.
... so you can switch your sidestep on and off just as you do it with lean.
The contrarotating concept is very obvious in the 'Firing drills' when you want to lean and make a sidestep and after that you want to get in normal stance.

(... and by the way - I'm German... :-) )

Ok +1, I'm for a more dynamic system.

Heruon added a subscriber: Heruon.May 7 2016, 4:06 PM

I'd very much like to see separate keybindings for sidestep and stance up/down. Can't see wy we have to stick to what BI decided were the best bindings. I want to set stance up/down to ctrl+scrollwheel, but arma won't let me