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Feature Request:Add gun and self-destruct function to AR-2 Darter and Tayran AR-2
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In real life drone were not only discover enemy location it can become a killing machine too for example adding gun and self-destruct function to drone, so it can help soldier fight on the battlefield.
Real life quadrotor:


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Wold be good, but can be done by simple script

Why self destrucion? Do you really think that the drone would blow up a car??
If you know FPS Russia and how he make his videos you should know that he has 100% some explosives in this car.

I would say a gun would be good but no self destruct because that's silly.

Leave this ticket for the "self destruct function" and make a new one about the weapon and show real prototype tech like the one fps Russia had but I suggest not showing his video but instead showing real Militery information and video on an armed quadrarotor.