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High Command: Groups are unable to mount each others vehicles
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If you order a group to board a friendly occupied vehicle with the "get in" waypoint type, the waypoint will immediately be removed from your Commander ui. Despite the group moving to the selected waypoint, they will not make any attempt to board the vehicle. {F21465} {F21466}


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Steps To Reproduce

Download the mission file, install the mission and load it up. Enter Commander mode using Ctrl+Space. Make a waypoint for one of the infantry groups (not the motorized infantry group or the chopper), right click the waypoint before the group reaches it and select Type->GET IN. The first infantry group will probably board the empty truck. If the first group entered the empty vehicle, it means you made the waypoint within 50m of the empty truck. In that case select the second infantry group and try to make them board something. Now you will notice the bug as described (if you haven't already). You can further test heli-extractions and vehicles grouped to infantry in the mission, if you want to.

Additional Information

If there is an empty vehicle within 50m of the waypoint, the waypoint will stay on the Commander ui and the group will first move to the waypoint, and then board the empty vehicle. Setting up load waypoints for the transport groups does not help nor do making the transport units subordinates/not subordinates. Note that if you make a get in waypoint for infantry grouped with a vehicle, the infantry will simply mount the grouped vehicle.

This issue makes commanding large scale missions were you have to move units over large distances, a pain in the ass. Since you can not have a chopper stand by at your base and then call it in to pickup the groups. It also limits the players choices as a commander, and removes freedom from the player.

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The reason is: Vehicle must be syncronized with group. Can be done in Editor.
I see the issue if you are like me. Don't have time to use editor. I prioritize play the game and all the great missions and scenarios you guys/girls out there are making. Thank you.

If you in game(f. ex a whole lot of altis or dynamic universial war system) have a function that can assign/unassign to HC. If you mount the group into a vehicle, and assign the group to HC, they now are able to use transport. As Get in/out command. Problem is: The group has to drive the vehicle them self. You as a commander can't have a transport unit.

I guess when you assign the group to HC inside the vehicle they get sync.

The problem persists even if you sync the infantry group to the chopper. And remember the reported bug is that you can't make them mount occupied vehicles, not empty ones.

The second method you describe just makes the group a motorized/mechanized infantry group. Motorized/mechanized infantry groups will mount their group vehicle when you give them a "get in" waypoint, that's not the issue I addressed in this report.

This is seriously bloody annoying. I can load infantry into a vehicle but they just refuse to get out. The reason we want to be able to do this is so you dont end up with an Aircraft of truck following around soldiers like a derp when the soldiers are dismounted.

I am in the process of creating a script spawns a group of infantry, then a helicopter, then assigns the infantry as cargo to the helicopter. This will allow the infantry to mount the aircraft. Both are then assigned to High Command. The GetIn waypoint for the infantry will cause the helicopter to land nearby. The infantry will load into the aircraft and the aircraft will lift off. Unfortunately at this point there does not seem to be a way to dismount infantry once they are onboard.

Getting in isn't the problem here. Getting out is.

Please fix this!!!

I have uploaded a mission with a scripted attempt to have this behaviour work. It still does not. This is a show stopper for my community if this does not work.

With the new fatigue system this is more important than ever, why is this not being looked into? It was reported more than 6 month ago?

Additional information i have found on the subject:
If you as player enter a vehicle (as driver) and then exit the vehicle, that vehicle will be blacklistet for any HC Group to enter it by waypoint, even if the vehicle is empty.

The fix:
I have fixed the issues by: assigning the units to the vehicle (eg. assignAsDriver) followed by the orderGetin command. This will solve all issues reported here, it is a relatively easy fix for a very annoying problem that currently makes the HC module less attractive to use, please fix this!