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While engine off in mid flight, pushing any controlling button switches it on.
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If during flight in the Greyhawk you switch the engine off and try to steer or do anything else, the motor switches back on.

The motor needs to stay off for stealth reasons.

The airplane glides with engine off and is very useful if you are flying above enemy and is trying stay hidden as the engine is quite loud. So my goal is to glide above enemy, then get further away and switch the motor on and get away hopefully unseen.

However, if you try to steer or adjust pitch your motors turn back on.


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EDIT: Engines can not be turned off above a certain speed. I believe 180 km/h

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I havent encountered this... I fly then turn the engine off while i am flying, i can maneuver the vehicle whilst the engine is off, but if i press the Q or Z button (Raise or Lower) then the engine turns back on.

Latest dev? I havent tested it today....

Nope. For me doing anything, banking, pitching, lowering gears/flaps, turns the motor back on.

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Same here, makes it very difficult to test any auto rotations.

also, makes it very difficult to stealth fly any winged aircraft.