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Planes/fixed wing aircraft need airbrakes, wheel breaks
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Airplanes need to have airbrakes and wheel brakes.

Currently reducing thrust to 0 slows the plane down, however pitching down even five degrease causes the plane to speed up. We need air brake to be able to slow down the planes.

We need wheel breaks to stop the plane on the ground. Currently the only way to do so is by reducing the throttle to 0 or pressing Z.

Z seems to be the ultimate break. However, reducing the thrust to 0 should not act as a break, the plane should glide if in the air and roll if on the ground.

Hope this makes sense.


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Just checked. It is impossible to keep anything greater than 5 degrees pitch down without speeding up.

Maybe airbrake animation would be enough?

What your saying is that you want to be able to turn the plane's thrust essentially to zero, and still fly through the air via. gliding? This is possible by turning off the engine. The planes brakes, and Air Brakes are controlled by "z". If you fly the Tu-199, you can see the air brake come up. For the other jets, not sure for animation. But I've turned my engine off and glided around 3 clicks, and landed safely.

A new control key for the airbrake would be great. A lot easier than pitching up or turning the engine off.

There is a control option in key bindings planes for the air brake (should be at bottom of plane control list) I bound mine to H