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Saif/Stomper UGV feedback
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  • The vehicle can turn without turning its wheels.

Does not appear to turn like tracked vehicles would by reducing speed on the left/right wheels either.

  • The driver camera is messed up. It can't turn, can't zoom and appears to emanate from somewhere in the center of the hull rather than the actual camera.
  • The vehicle has non-existent smoke launchers.
  • The unarmed variant is, without its camera, rather pointless.
  • The RCWS variant should not be able to automagically reload.
  • All variants have 4 ammo boxes in the vehicle, but the RCWS variant shows that only one of these is filled with ammo. (I understand that they could be used to move supplies around, but they seem a bit out of place, especially on the unarmed variant.)
  • The passenger seat is nearly obsolete.
    • It has a joystick and some buttons, but these don't seem to do anything.
    • Transporting a single soldier in an unarmored vehicle seems pointless. (Although I suppose it could be used to transport a UAV operator to a position where he can use an AR-2 aerial drone for further reconnaissance.)
    • As is, the only excuse for having the seat would be to transport a loader for the RCWS system. {F21446}


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
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Place a UAV operator and an allied Saif/Stomper UGV and check it out yourself.

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I disagree, over long ranges the UGV could be used to transport injured players (though a stretcher variant would make this more useful) or just players who have joined in progress without having to worry about sending another person back in a vehicle to pick them up.

Just set the waypoint and keep moving with your objective and when the player gets into the vehicle set another waypoint to move them to you at 2-3x the speed of walking.

I highly disagree with your problems.
-First of all: Its a fixed wheeled unit. I don't know where you find the logic that wheels have to be able to pivot in order to turn. I drive skid loaders and many other fixed wheeled vehicles and they turn more effectively than a normal car. The only reason we don't use this on cars is the amount of wear is greater and it requires hydraulics (A low speed, fuel hungry system).

-Second: The use of four ammo box's does make it useable for transporting of ammo and other supply's. For example say that your squad is scouting. They have access to a supply of resources without the need to waste a guy on standby, and the detection of a load car or truck.

-Third: This was a newly added system. Bugs are bugs and will be fixed. I also agree with Scarecrow. But a stretcher would take up more room and not offer the practical use of transportation of a normal unit.

I did some quick research and the mule appears to have rigid wheels and a operators seat built in on the real prototype.

See 3:05 onwards

Video is blocked from my country....

Try using proxytube or another YouTube proxy based in the us.