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AH-99 Gunner and Pilot incorrect seats.
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When the player try to jump into the AH-99 as pilot the character seats in the front seat. Also If I try to get in as Gunner the character goes into the back seat.

The same happen if in the editor you setup the air unit and the player is the pilot. It will appear in the front seat.


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Case 1
Arma Editor
Set a new air NATO unit. AH-99 Blackfoot.
Set player as Pilot.
Player will be seating in the front SEAT as a gunner.

Case 2
In game, approach the AH-99
Select Get in as pilot, you will sit in the front seat.
If you try as a Gunner you will seat in the rear seat.

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This has been changed because people requested it.

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This is to the design of the comanche...technically it can be flown from either station but for whatever reason the DOD decided to put the pilot up front.

?!?!?!?! Im sorry? requested that the pilot goes in the front seat??!

That is not realistic ! not to mention that the collective in the cockpit is in the back seat!!!

Can't find the ticket anymore, maybe it was cleared during the clean out..either way both cockpits have a collective, that is the stick the pilot is holding in their left hand.

Here it is: the collective may have been forgotten durring the switch. The devs partially resolved the ticket.

How is it unrealistic? Pilot in the top seat may be more common for Militery attack helicopters but it certainly isn't the only setup used.

in the comanche both the pilot and the gunner can drive it, so there is this dumb and useless fight about where should the actual pilot seat be at

Yea, exactly as my ticket says, both seats can be gunner and pilot.

Changing it was a huge MISTAKE.

The comance is NOT designed with the pilot seat in front. It has the exact same functionality from both seats.

The only thing the change has done is made it impossible to fly.

This needs to be changed back, or add an exact copy that has the pilot seat in the back. Right now, the comanche is completely useless.

Helicopters are usually designed with the pilot in the back because it places him closer to the pivot point of the helicopter, and thus when he rotates the helicopter (pitch or yaw), he rotates around himself.

With the pilot in front, you now move with the front end making it ten times more difficult to maneuver.


To clarify:
[Top down] Pilot in back (Almost positioned at the pivot point, and thus will rotate around himself):

[Top down] Pilot in front (Much farther away from the pivot point, and thus will move up or down or left and right, instead of rotating around himself):

[Side] Pilot in back (Almost positioned at the pivot point, and thus will rotate around himself):

[Side] Pilot in front (Much farther away from the pivot point, and thus will move up or down or left and right, instead of rotating around himself):

Again, arguing over two wrong ideas. Both seats have gunner and pilot functionality in real life.

Yeah, as ProGamer has pointet out several times, both seats should be equally usable as pilot or gunner Seat.
Since its possible to share control of the helicopter i wonder how easy or hard it would be to make it so when the "co-pilot" takes over flight controls, the other one gets access to the Weapon station. As that would finaly end this somewhat stupid crapfight about who sitting where is more "realistic", or so i hope.

@ProGamer: That's what I just said...

The problem with the pilot in back is that the view is restricted, probably more than it would likely be in real life. Manoeuvering low and slow around trees and other obstacles is a nightmare. I'd be more than happy to remain in the rear seat except for this. It's why I made the following ticket a while back to adjust the seat height or the instrument panel.

It's not more restricted than in the front. And I've never had a problem maneuvering around anything when sitting in the back. The pilot doesn't need to look straight down all the time.

This ticket I created is not to report that ONLY the pilot should be able to pilot the heli. Nor to discuss that the gunner should not be able to pilot the chopper.

The problem is if you want to seat in the pilot cockpit you are forced to be sit in the front seat and that is wrong . actually if you look at any video of the Comanche flying the crew member with hand in the cyclic is the one in the back.

According to this picture, we decided to change that. (Community, thanks for it)

As pilot you can fire, just set manual fire on, as gunner you can take controls, too...
As a pilot you have to have great view... In AH99 you cannot have the seats like in AH64, MI24, becose in that examples is gunner seat higher then the pilot's.

Yep, WSO (Weapon Systems Operator aka gunner, number 25 in the above image) seat is in the back, secondly the cyclic is in both cockpits. The RAH-66 uses a more unique control scheme where the cyclic is loaded on the far right right, it's what the pilots are grasping in their right hand.

Redstone, thanks for the feedback.

If that is how is suppose to be then I was wrong.

Please close this ticket.

...or you could close it your self.

It was presented evidence that this is the correct seat position for the RAH-66