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Ah/Mh-9 - turning speed at hover
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After Monday update the turning speed(hover - 360 degrees) of AH/MH-9 helicopters has been slowed down greatly. Please return to previous turning speeds pre-monday update.
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I have tried turning on place in current build and backtracked data to 1st of July, nothing has been changed on the matter. I would suspect it is some kind of placebo effect. Could You, please, describe steps to reproduce to double-check the issue? Something like this:

  1. Insert flying AH-9 and start the mission
  2. Start the clock
  3. Hold X to turn counter-clockwise
  4. Stop the clock after making full circle

Results with this repro were the same for each data set back to 1.7. 2013 (game version 0.71 - 07150)

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Hello, Pettka !

I have a lot of hours flying the XH-9 since alpha and I can say that something is absolutely wrong ! I am using pedals and I can tell you that I have pretty good muscle memory that tells me that I can't do certain maneuvers that I did before. More than that - how do you explain that XH-9 turns TWO times slower than MOHAWK, the biggest chopper currently in game ?

Sir, even if a lot of ppl on forums and Byku and me have a placebo effect as you said, then you should do something about that anyway, cause XH-9 SHOULD NOT turn slower than MOHAWK.

I just tested myself - it's 10 seconds for XH-9 using ingame compass and clock.

Also tried my favourite landing with left pedal to turn and kill speed before touching down - doesn't work.

Ok and the last thing - since we started this - the quadrotor also turns SUPER SLOW. And I have a real quadrotor in my apartment here before me. it turns much faster and it's not even military.

Mohawk turns faster than quadrotor, are you kidding me ? :D

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AH9 feels like a "balloon" now, once in air it takes a loooong time to descend. Previous patch the AH9 felt AWESOME.

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You might be right about that, that it was like that before Monday(i've based this ticket on the forum post ;P) BUT.... still AH9/MH9 should turn faster, don't you think?

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 4:02 PM

Maybe it is placebo. Maybe it felt normal before, because the roll imput was halved on keyboard and joystick, and felt comparable to yaw speed. Now, when all other axis feel very responsive, the yaw axis stands out. Right now it takes 5 seconds to do a roll 360 degree and 10 seconds to make a 360 yaw.

Though, I could swear, that there was a time after rev 08570, when AH9 felt perfect, and something changed on that Mondays or maybe Fridays update.

Quick question for Pettka:
Is AH-9 supposed to have the slowest yaw speed (10s), and the Mohawk the fastest (6s)? Maybe the values are switched?

I did exactly this:

  1. Insert flying AH-9 and start the mission
  2. Start the clock
  3. Hold X to turn counter-clockwise
  4. Stop the clock after making full circle

Here are values of how much time it takes to do a 360 spin at 0kph, are they comparable to your results?
AH-9/MH-9: 10s
Blackfoot: 7s
Ghosthawk: 10s
Orca: 8s
Kajman: 9s
Mohawk: 6s

EXE rev. 08570
Helicopters: Roll inputs between keyboard and Joystick are halved

The blackfoot's 7 second turning is realistic as the real life one does the same.

Look @ ~ 0:45sec and @ 3:18... And this game takes place +30 year into the future surely a "modern" littlebird must be faster than it is now.

Climb rate in-game atm is around 8.7m/s and according to wikipedia a Boing AH-6 has a rate of climb: 10.5m/s.

Also tried from 100-0m and it gave me roughly the same time, around 11.5-12sec.

So basically the problem is, that 360 turn in place takes 10s, and should take 5,5s.

Right now i can't do many maneuvers, that Littlebird is capable of.

Sorken added a comment.Sep 1 2013, 8:34 PM

Not a littlebird, but shows some mobility from a helicopter that we DON'T have right now.

What more info do you need?

Byku added a comment.Dec 11 2013, 4:14 PM

Wrong ticket title - in need of creating new ticket concerning the manoeuvrability of MH9.