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False "Mission Complete" when joining Escape from Stratis after disconnect
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In the co-op mission 'Escape from Stratis', if a human player disconnects while playing an AI role, the player is unable to continue playing as that role, even though he can join the server again. What happens is that the rejoining player gets a message saying "Mission Complete" and is forced back to the debriefing screen while the rest of the game carries on. This continues until the player joins an empty slot (as opposed to taking over an AI role).


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  1. Start a private server running Escape from Stratis. Have all the roles be AI except for one slot (which is empty). Have the players take over AI roles and start the game.
  2. Start playing, and once in combat, have one of the players force disconnect (ideally by ending Arma 3 in the task manager or something similarly drastic.
  3. Have the disconnected player rejoin the server while the mission is still running, and get him to try and play his original role (which has now been taken over by an AI).
  4. The player should be unable to continue the mission until he switches to a role that has no occupant, human or AI.

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Observed this in MP recently. Issue is also reproducable if the player joins the slot previously occupied by someone else.

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Just experienced this myself. Could not join a mission in progress because of the "mission complete" screen popping up upon joining. I tried all the free slots that were set to "player only", but same result every time. Feasible that these slots were occupied by other players before, but cannot be sure.