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APC AI not staying in formation and other issues
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When ever I have a platoon of Panthers, they never stay in formation when in Column and on a road march. They decide to go explore the island instead of having my back.

Also, another legacy issue from ARMA 1 and 2.

Why does the individual members of my platoon have to be all over the place. For example. I am the PC of the first Panther. But my driver is man number 9. And my gunner is man number 13 etc. This is ANNOYING. Why can't I have just 1, 2, 3, and 4 representing my individual APC's. And then click on them to expand them to individual people. What happens I want to have a Company of APC's. I will have a million individual guys across the bottom of my computer screen. {F21409} {F21410}


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Play ArmA 3 Beta.

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Even after the latest patch/upload the AI for armored units is still very poor when it comes to a standard road march.

Would be nice if we had a better checkpoint/way-point system for planning our units movements and actions.

Is this on the development branch? If it is please upload a mission file so the developers can reproduce the problem and fix it.if If it is on the regular stable branch then test on the development branch, if the issue is still there then upload the mission file.

I just converted to DevBranch. The issue is still present. In fact, it is not just armor. It is any AI controlled vehicle. If you place an OPFOR tank plt. to the map and give it some way points. Half of the time the platoon will not make it to it's final destination. They will get stuck on some ground object and are unable to get off. This happens with any AI controlled vehicle. Also, there should be an option when planning your movement to order the units to move only on roads or off road as needed.