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Secondary handguns are unusable
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I'm no gun expert, but I think that pistols in ArmA 3 are quite under-powered.

Even when I try to shoot civilian (for testing purposes, of course!) that is wearing absolutely no armor, it usually takes four or more rounds to kill him.

When I have to deal with armored enemies, the handgun is completely useless. It takes at least half of magazine to kill him, but usually I have to spend the whole magazine. This happens when I'm really close to the target, like under ten meters from him. When I'm further than 10 meters, it seems that the shots aren't even hitting him (even when he doesn't move at all).


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Confirmed. Civilians survive three P07 chest hits from a close distance.

Ok so lets not forget about how suppressors affect handguns in this game. Particularly the ACP-C2 which fires a .45 APC round. Honestly I would say that two to three hits with a 9mm to a non-armored person would be correct with a 9mm as long as it is in the chest because honestly shooting someone in the chest with a handgun doesn't always prevent them from living on for a little while. But an enemy with a hard plate and flak jacket? I would say maybe add one more shot and they should go down. Now as for putting a suppressor on the ACP-C2 and shooting someone I know that there are still bugs in the game but to be honest a suppressed 45 and any 9mm round impacting in someones face should usually be a kill shot. There is no way that you should have to shoot someone in the head twice or more to kill them. Also most handguns are only accurate up to 100 feet and at that distance should do relatively good damage. there is a lot wrong with these handguns and they are extremely under powered.