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Service Vehicle with Module Support System
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A logistics vehicle with the capability to load different modules.
it loads a Gas module and delivers to the airfield,
unloads, drives back, picks up a repair module to deliver at a vehicle depot.
Mean while in the field the soldiers have taken a remarkable part of Altis.
The distance between the front lines and the base makes it difficult to resupply them,
the need for a resupply point closer to the front forces our engineers to build a new FOB.
so the MAN/Scania or a Future model picks up a HQ module and brings it to the suggested location.
Our troops are needed to defend that given strategic location, pick up a module and transport them there. {F21395} {F21396} {F21397}


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the possibility's are endless,
u can place so much stuff on such a vehicle.
for example :

Refuel module,
Repair module,
Vehicle ammunition module,
HQ Module,
Troop transport module,
Anti air module,
Radar module,
Flatbed module to transport vehicles.

It add's a completely new gameplay to the game (logistics)
Be aware, never leave base without protection from an armed convoy.
But a very important multi purpose role in a war so why not in the Armaverse.

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Combine this with PhysX for the unloading and loading, this would be a brilliant idea.

Also just imagine transporting the metal buildings used by the army on one of these things.

yeah that would be sweat feature indeed.
also very handy for user made modules, u only have to create a module instead of the whole truck.

technically u can load, transport and build an entire base with all needed facility's if we had a truck like this as service vehicles.

This game SERIOUSLY needs some support vehicles. There are a plethora of scripts required to make this most basic of things work in multiplayer. Please fix this!

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Yes! There already is a trailer-less HEMTT model, so they just have to make trailers and an attach/detach system