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Changing from handgun to primary weapon via scripts (ie selectWeapon) is broken in most stances
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In effect, switching the player's equipped weapon from their handgun to their primary weapon via scripting functions is bugged in all stances aside from the default standing. When standing, a player may be cycled through any of their weapons without issue via selectWeapon. In any other position, every other transition works correctly (ie between secondary and primary weapons, and handgun and secondary weapon), however switching directly from pistol to rifle does not. The primary weapon will be considered equipped, however the player is unable to move, and firing will fire the weapon straight upward as it rests on the player's back.


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Enter the editor and create a unit, and execute the following while crouched a handgun equipped:
player selectWeapon (primaryWeapon player)

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Those stances (animationState player) are:


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Is this issue really belongs to "Anims" category? Maybe "Scripting"? What do you think?