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Mi-48 co-axial rotor benefits missing (too small yaw and lift).
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The fictional Mi-48 what is combination of Mi-24 (cabin), Mi-28 (fuselag shape and cockpit) and KA-50/KA-52 (co-axial rotor) where it should probably have best features from all of them.

Mi-24 for troop transport or extra ammo.
Mi-28 for radar, co-pilot and armament.
KA-50 for high maneuverability, speed and lift.

Mi-48 yaw is too low and pilot can not change helicopter yaw above ~80km/h.

The yaw properties should be raised so Mi-48 pilot can change yaw about 150-170km/h but not faster speeds as the Mi-48 does have a cabin (Mi-24 style) unlike KA-50/KA-52 whats does have unlimited speed to perform a flat turn.

And while doing so should slow down speed to 80km/h sideways so pilot can still perform a funnel.

Mi-48 should as well have a higher lift power and collective than traditional helicopter rotor setup because engine power isn't used for counter-rotating rotor (up to 25-30% is saved) what gives higher power transmitted to speed and lift power (even that RPM is kept constant ~60% engine power).

KA-52 can as well achieve same cannon firing probabilities as AH-64D with rotating cannon because fast yawn turning rates.

Mi-48 should maneuver well in yawn and collective performs but having current lower roll and pitch performances for gameplay reasons.


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yawn: to open the mouth wide and take a deep breath usually as an involuntary reaction to fatigue or boredom
yaw: the action of yawing; especially : a side to side movement
Sorry, couldn't resist after imagining a yawning helicopter :) upvoted.

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Thanks, fixed it :D
I was tired at writing moment so it just was accurate ;)

0.77.109561 (D-15) version includes (1-2 versions back it was implemented) that all helicopters can now turn 20 degree at any max speed but Mi-48 is still kept unfair position even more now compared to others.