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Grenades does not seem to do realistic amount of damadge (too little damadge)
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On various occasions I have thrown a grenade close to an enemy - within a few meters and they do not seem to take any damage or very little damage.
Last night I threw two grenades at a enemy soldier - very close to him and he hit the dirt but did not take any noticeable damage. I think grenades do not do enough damage and should be more deadly.


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Throw grenades close to an enemy soldier and see that they do not appear to take damage.

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Which is gren you use?

The standard frag grenade

Put the editor of Civil square) distance between people - 1 meter. Do 10 to 10 rows. And put a grenade in the center of the square! I killed all (and this is bad, not simulated fragments, only high explosive HE ffekt). But the radius of the continuous defeat for the RGО more than necessary!
Such a radius of explosive action more than you have in 82mm mine or 75mm artillery shell, for example! A lot more? The problem in the absence of fragments. For this it is necessary to vote, rather than a direct increase in explosive range.

I know I have seen it work but also lots of occasions where it does not and should have killed the enemy.
Maybe it is an armor issue - absorbing too much damage?

@stephanvos, yes, if you turn on this function in option. If it is turned off - die all the same. But I was not very pleased with this realization optional armor with hitpoints(


Are you talking about Extended Armor? Because it's nothing about armor with hitpoint but an easier option to have an "Extended Armor" so more protected everywhere and not just at the armor.

I dont know about the actual mechanics of the health system but from experience in normal combat situations the enemy almost never dies from a close grenade explosion.