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AI troop stuck in mid-air
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While messing around in the editor last night (8/18/2013), I was engaging infantry from my chopper. I ordered the gunner to target the next infantryman in the list (manual fire), when I saw the strangest thing...(see attached) {F21375}


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I've not been able to get it to reproduce this again, not sure what happened but will try to reproduce it further. Just wanted to get this posted.

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Also, if this has been posted before then I apologize. But the current search function simply doesn't return proper results for me, not sure what I'm doing wrong.

The other problem I encountered during this mission was that I was getting spotty target tracking ala ArmAII. Where you lock a target far out, then once you close on it the target lock snaps to where the target ACTUALLY IS. I've wasted COUNTLESS munitions in ArmAII to this! And was aghast to see it rear it's ugly head in ArmAIII.

As to this mystery lock, I didn't actually see the infantry's body suspended up in the air, but rather a phantom lock. I've also had fake locks in ArmAII as well, to the point of targets being in buildings or underground, when you knock the building over there's simply nothing there but the interface insists there's a live target.

I've also had a random mid air target in ArmAII that WAS physically there. Now and then I'll get an empty Russian MG (dshka I think), that is suspended about 1500m above the ground. I can target and fire on it. I can even destroy it and get credit for it.

Not sure what to make of all this but I wanted it to be discussed.

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Thats just the way locking system works. I think it tries to conduct where target will be in a second (sometimes you can still track enemy APC and see the lock, even though it is already behind the mountain. But still worth fixing.

Ya it's probably prediction but still annoying to watch your hellfire get 3/4 the way there and then veer sharply to the side as it tries to adjust to where the target REALLY is. Or, even worse, to follow the missile in and watch it impact directly where you shot it.....then the target box snaps over 500m to the side where the target REALLY is....who is of course by now filling my A10 full of hot steel!