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AI refuses to enter passenger seats of CH-49 Mohawk
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AI troops refuse orders to enter Mohawk as a passenger.

Upon receiving an order to mount, AI troops will take Pilot and Co-pilot seats if open, but aside from those two AI, the rest will congregate about approximately 5m to the front left of the chopper, and report "Cannot Comply" after a short time period.

I know Joris-Jan van 't Land leaves his gym socks lying around back there, but seriously, we've bought some Febreeze and everything, I don't know what these AI are bellyaching about!


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place 1x CH-49 Mohawk on map.
  2. Place at least 3 AI men on map (side, whether in group with player, type of man, are all irrelevant).
  3. Order men into chopper via AI control or via Waypoints.
  4. Observe first two men board as Pilot and Co-pilot.
  5. Observe third man onwards as they find an extremely interesting butterfly or snake or honey badger approximately 5 meters to the front left of the Mohawk.
  6. Observe as no man dareth open, much less climb into, the cargo compartment of smelly developer socks.
Additional Information

"this moveincargo Mohawk;" still correctly moves AI into passenger seats.

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I wear flip flops in summer - no socks ;-)

  1. Place 1x CH-49 Mohawk on map. [empty]
  2. Place myself + fireteam group [AAF]
  3. Order men into chopper via AI control or via Waypoints.
  4. Everyone got in.
  5. Everyone complained about smell of old flip flops.
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Smelly gym socks confirmed to be figment of Ferrard's imagination. Soldiers no longer avoid cargo compartment. Smelly flip-flops confirmed but "not a dealbreaker" according to test subj-- soldiers. Sense of humor confirmed to be present in project lead and much appreciated!

In all seriousness: can't reproduce error in Stable Beta 0.76.109065 - I imagine something or another inadvertently fixed the bug.

~ Ferrard

This only occurred in a specific, old iteration of ArmA 3 - the following update fixed it.