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Control CT_EDIT - ST_MULTI : Implement carriage return and tabulation
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When using a multiline edit box like the one in the BIS debug console, it is impossible to insert a carriage return or a tabulation with the keyboard.

In addition, when we copy a text from the clipboard (Ctrl-V), all carriage returns and tabulations are broken.

This is annoying for some very useful community tools. It also corrupts a SQF script pasted in the text box, if it contains inline comments (//).

Implementing these characters will provide a powerful tools to develop scripts in real time ingame.


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Steps To Reproduce

Add a multiline edit box like this in your dialog :

class my_multi_line_edit_box
idc = -1;
type = 2; CT_EDIT
style = 16;

// etc.

  • Type the "enter" or "tab" key => It does not insert the willed character in the text field.
  • Copy/paste a random text into the text field => All carriage returns and tabulations are replaced by spaces.

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Absolutely agreed. Though I have a syntax highlighting in Notepad++, I don't always want to write in there and then copy paste it over and over again.